Why Are Tiles Perfect For A Wet Room?

The computer language made us use terms such as upgrade in daily life. It is the case of the wet room which is an improved version of the usual bathroom. You can successfully adapt this idea to any house or apartment, because it is simple, rather inexpensive and the latest trend in interior design.


Wet rooms need to face successfully large amounts of water on their walls and floors. The reason for that is that the main idea of this room is about taking out the bathtub and any type of small shower tub. This makes bathrooms become roomier which is a very good option especially for the smaller ones. When a sink, a toilet and a shower need to share a one or two square meter large room it can look crowded.

Nevertheless, this innovation is far from being only practical. It has become fashionable and it adds style to your home. To create such an upgrade you need to start from scratch. The first step is to take off the tiles which cover the walls and floors and to make sure that you choose the best way to make the room waterproof. By installing a membrane at this level you can protect the entire building and spare yourself from leakage problems. The new tiles can only be applied when the waterproofing has been thoroughly taken care of.

Wet rooms are very modern. For that reason many people opt for the latest color trends which can usually be achieved with ceramic tiles in colorful tones or in contrasting patterns. But when you give it a thought the entire idea has more to do with the freedom people had when they bathed under waterfalls. Taking this into account you might decide that natural stone is a better choice for tiles. You will feel a real connection with nature admiring, while you take a shower, the elements in the structure of the limestone tiles. Besides being colored in pleasant shades of beige and grey these tiles are also easy to clean and dry.

In order to reduce the leakage hazard, you can install large tiles which involve less grouting. Various natural colors from light beige to grey tones, offer you a chance to choose the one suiting better the size of the wet room and your personality. The last step is purchasing a shower with several accessories like a glass wall, in wider rooms.

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