What Is A Psychic Everything You Need To Know

What is the Definition of a Psychic?

Psychic DefinitionI’ve been thinking for a while about what it means to be psychic or to be a psychic. Lots of people search Google using these words – “psychic definition.” So I guess I’m not the only one wondering about it.

I’ve understood for a long time that a select group of people have special gifts that enable them to see, hear or know things that the rest of us are not aware of. These are the gifts of phone psychics from psychic-central clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Those folks definitely fit the definition of being psychic. There are dozens of other gifts that have been defined over the ages.

Can One Learn to be Psychic?

What if you aren’t born with one of these gifts, can you learn how to be psychic?

I tried. A few years ago I took a psychic development class. I did learn a process for connecting with a client’s (guinea pig’s?) energy and I was able to do a reading that actually made sense to the person sitting there. But it was hard. Very hard.

It took an incredible amount of energy and focus to get to the point of being able to “read” the other person. My whole being seemed to fight it and I didn’t enjoy the process at all. That was enough for me. I will leave those types of psychic readings to the souls with strong innate abilities who can more naturally get into the flow.

Psychic Definition by Psychic Cental

But is there a wider definition of what it means to be psychic?

I was reading a portion of the Psychic Source website recently and a huge light bulb went on for me. They described two types of psychics. Those with the inborn gifts I talked about above, and those who master one of the divination tools.

Here’s how they say it at Psychic Central:

Some Psychics are born with natural gifts…remarkable intuitive abilities.
Others study & master ancient practices like tarot, astrology and numerology.
All are considered psychics – people who practice the psychic arts; what some call “the arts of divination.”
The Arts of Astrology and Tarot

I’ve had both astrology and Tarot readings in which the readers seemed very psychic. Through the use of their divination tools they were able to share accurate information with me about my past and present circumstances. They were also able to make suggestions about how my future might unfold in relation to some decisions that I faced. They offered wonderful affirmation and guidance, just like a psychic reading.

You Can Learn to Be Psychic

So, the answer to the question, can you learn how to be psychic? Yes, you can. You can undertake the study and practice of astrology or the Tarot or even numerology, the I Ching, or runes. But make no mistake, to master the craft and become a seasoned reader will take tremendous dedication and intuitive ability. It won’t be easy.

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