Are You Living Your Brand? And What Does It Means For Your Business?

Are you living your brand? The answer is simple: you absolutely are. Yet, whether it is the good or the bad news depends on you.




Your brand is your identity, your core values, your message, your strengths. You are your brand. And so it is not a matter of whether you live it or not, but how you do it.


Brand is how you present yourself and how others see you. It comes to life through your interactions with others, through your personality and your actions. Your company brand is the impression you make on your clients and what they say about you to their friends.


You might have an idea of what your brand is. You might even have it written down in your manifesto, your website, your newsletters, etc. To have a successful brand requires absolute honesty with yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your expertise? How do you come across? How do you spend your time when no one is watching or especially when somebody does?

Brand is knowledge – knowledge of yourself, your company, and your values.

It is relatively easy to make yourself and your company look good on paper. But do you live up to those standards? For example, if you say your brand is joyful and easy, do you embody those qualities or do you whine a lot and criticize others? Or if you claim to be an expert in wealth generation, is it easy for you to make money or are you constantly complaining about being broke and never letting yourself to indulge?

Nonverbal communication plays significant role in human interaction. Even if you are “off brand” only in private, it still matters. If you put up a show in front of your clients, you are not being authentic. Others will recognize it, picking up on nonverbal clues. Besides, it is hard to be something you are not for a long time and you are bound to slip at some point. Creative branding & design agency in Melbourne will assist you with all the branding you need.

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