Should We Turn the Electricity Off?


We’re constantly in a react mode.

The world is throwing things at us all the time and we’re just reacting to them.

These reactions can be caused by emails, questions, and many other things.

What these reactive triggers all have in common is they’re powered by electricity.

For example, your phone. You could be sent a text, your pants buzz and you go and take a look at it.

But you should have been focusing on more important matters like getting your work done.

Another example could be your email inbox. As soon as you open the damn thing, you get hit with a pile of bricks.

This sucks and is something that can cause a lot of stress in your life.

By turning these things off, you can relax and enjoy the moment.

It would be good that if 1 day in every month, we could turn all the electricity off and stare at the stars.

This is something that we should adopt.

We all have busy and crazy lives where we’re just reacting to things.

It’s good to take a break and relax. Turn off the devices and put your mind in a peaceful state.

Stop taking things on the chin and moving forward. Sometimes your body will just break.

We can feel like we’re ready to take on the world but our outside state says something different.

Put on the breaks and take some deep breaths.

Turn off your electronics and give your mind a rest.

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