New Video Conferencing Technology

New Video Conferencing Technology

Dimdim’s a lightweight, flash-based collaborative solution that’s available for anyone with a web browser. It’s relatively low-cost and is aimed at small businesses, charities and freelancers. The main advantages of video conference equipment are as follows:

Works on any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux etc)
Entirely browser based
Speech and video facilities
Option for recording and storing conferences/meetings
Free to try, and basic version is also free
Colourful, fun and easy to use

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Wizard-style intro means you can easily start collaborating by sharing your screen, opening a whiteboard or giving a presentation

Start your meeting by setting up the name, and choose scheduling options.

Lots of options here, especially considering this is web-based.

Web meeting in a web browser; video box can be moved around and here we’re using a whiteboard. You’ll also notice there’s a US phone number you can call if you want to use phone instead of built-in microphone.

Here we’re sharing a PDF document and annotating with the annotation features. Again, this is all inside the web browser so no client was required for the person I invited to the conference.

There’s also the option to record your meeting.

Quite often, not all participants are able to attend a lecture or talk. With some of the more advanced video conferencing software packages, you can broadcast the events in a real world conference via the web. It’s actually easier (and probably cheaper) to do than you think. The advantages are as follows

Non-attendees can view live lectures
Attendees and Non-attendees can view recordings
You can collect data about online and offline attendance
Keep in touch with those who have attended off/online
Software for connecting your conference to the world:

Microsoft Live Meeting

With events pages and attendee registration options, a smart conference organiser would manage an entire conference using this system. Broadcast your meetings, set access privaledges and use features like Q&A to screen questions from the virtual floor.

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Cisco contains many of the same features as Live Meeting, and you can use it to set up an event using the Event Centre in much the same way. This allows you to invite up to 3,000 attendees to your conference. And much like Live Meeting you can also set up Q&A sessions, polls and follow up attendance with emails and surveys.

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