Go Forward, Just Don’t Kick a Goal!

Are the AFL that blind to the fact that clubs DO NOT WANT TO PLAY in the NAB Cup. Why are they taking this issue this seriously considering they turned a blind eye to the Carlton Football Club last year when they were quite obviously tanking in the latter part of the year so they could secure the Number 1 Draft Pick.

There is no doubt there is some personal issues here between Roos and the AFL and now Roos finds himself facing a $100,000 fine or even suspension. I wouldn’t put it past the AFL to do the latter but they won’t. The Swans are well known for not giving a **it about the NAB Cup and as a result were the least favorite with the bookmakers before the start.

The AFL really needs to make some changes if they are going to protect the reputation of the NAB Cup as they want to. The increase in prize money this year has made no impact what so ever. Maybe there needs to be a bigger carrot dangled like a priority draft pick for the winner?. The investigation into Roos’s comments is set to be concluded by the end of the week and apparently up 9 witnesses will be contacted to give their accounts of what happened.


Maybe next time Roos just needs to be a bit more aware of who is around when making these type of comments. There is growing momentum to abandon the NAB Cup and maybe just maybe this may open the eyes of the AFL and force them into making some sort of decision regarding the pre season competition.

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