Changes in the future of Online Gaming

First I would like say Hello! Most of you know me by now, but those that don’t, I’m one of the founders of Online Gaming. I dont play COD much anymore but I am getting back to playing other games so you will see me around from time to time! It is forever changing and evolving, and I want to share future plans for our community.

I believe online gaming should be more than primarily Call of Duty, it has the potential to be a vast gaming community. While we will always have a FPS and CoD focus, offering areas of other games such as Destiny, Minecraft, and others we can create a more active, enjoyable environment for all gamers. Different platforms as well like PSN and PCs in the future as more people come and show interest.


Please note, that we are currently in need for more streamers. If you are interested follow the channels below so we can get you started, and it doesn’t have to be COD, anything that may be fun. Especially if you have a new game that recently dropped, post it in the forums or stream it so people can see if its good or not and we can build a community on that title as well. Im also looking for an indvidual who can do weekly interviews with leaders and members and post a “What’s new with Gaming” section on the site, a newsletter of the sorts.

We need everyone to stepup and give support to take online gaming on to the next level. Whether, on the website, retweeting and/or favorites on our Twitters and Twitch. Help out and show a some support, even the littlest bit helps. Some people have mentioned wanting to help well here is your chance, help out in the little ways to create a more active community.

Lastly, if your interested in a Moderator for a specific game on the forums, a streamer for the StreamTeam, or even just being an active member in a game for newer members to play with, contact Jester, SIre, Tanner, R0K, Kitty, or myself.

You could look here

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