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  • Restoration/Removal/Cleaning of Carpet and Flooring
  • Total Damage Repairs
  • Odor Removal
  • Able to Bill Insurance
  • Our Work Is 100% Guarenteed

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What Is A Psychic Everything You Need To Know

What is the Definition of a Psychic?

Psychic DefinitionI’ve been thinking for a while about what it means to be psychic or to be a psychic. Lots of people search Google using these words – “psychic definition.” So I guess I’m not the only one wondering about it.

I’ve understood for a long time that a select group of people have special gifts that enable them to see, hear or know things that the rest of us are not aware of. These are the gifts of phone psychics from psychic-central clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Those folks definitely fit the definition of being psychic. There are dozens of other gifts that have been defined over the ages.

Can One Learn to be Psychic?

What if you aren’t born with one of these gifts, can you learn how to be psychic?

I tried. A few years ago I took a psychic development class. I did learn a process for connecting with a client’s (guinea pig’s?) energy and I was able to do a reading that actually made sense to the person sitting there. But it was hard. Very hard.

It took an incredible amount of energy and focus to get to the point of being able to “read” the other person. My whole being seemed to fight it and I didn’t enjoy the process at all. That was enough for me. I will leave those types of psychic readings to the souls with strong innate abilities who can more naturally get into the flow.

Psychic Definition by Psychic Cental

But is there a wider definition of what it means to be psychic?

I was reading a portion of the Psychic Source website recently and a huge light bulb went on for me. They described two types of psychics. Those with the inborn gifts I talked about above, and those who master one of the divination tools.

Here’s how they say it at Psychic Central:

Some Psychics are born with natural gifts…remarkable intuitive abilities.
Others study & master ancient practices like tarot, astrology and numerology.
All are considered psychics – people who practice the psychic arts; what some call “the arts of divination.”
The Arts of Astrology and Tarot

I’ve had both astrology and Tarot readings in which the readers seemed very psychic. Through the use of their divination tools they were able to share accurate information with me about my past and present circumstances. They were also able to make suggestions about how my future might unfold in relation to some decisions that I faced. They offered wonderful affirmation and guidance, just like a psychic reading.

You Can Learn to Be Psychic

So, the answer to the question, can you learn how to be psychic? Yes, you can. You can undertake the study and practice of astrology or the Tarot or even numerology, the I Ching, or runes. But make no mistake, to master the craft and become a seasoned reader will take tremendous dedication and intuitive ability. It won’t be easy.

Go Forward, Just Don’t Kick a Goal!

Are the AFL that blind to the fact that clubs DO NOT WANT TO PLAY in the NAB Cup. Why are they taking this issue this seriously considering they turned a blind eye to the Carlton Football Club last year when they were quite obviously tanking in the latter part of the year so they could secure the Number 1 Draft Pick.

There is no doubt there is some personal issues here between Roos and the AFL and now Roos finds himself facing a $100,000 fine or even suspension. I wouldn’t put it past the AFL to do the latter but they won’t. The Swans are well known for not giving a **it about the NAB Cup and as a result were the least favorite with the bookmakers before the start.

The AFL really needs to make some changes if they are going to protect the reputation of the NAB Cup as they want to. The increase in prize money this year has made no impact what so ever. Maybe there needs to be a bigger carrot dangled like a priority draft pick for the winner?. The investigation into Roos’s comments is set to be concluded by the end of the week and apparently up 9 witnesses will be contacted to give their accounts of what happened.


Maybe next time Roos just needs to be a bit more aware of who is around when making these type of comments. There is growing momentum to abandon the NAB Cup and maybe just maybe this may open the eyes of the AFL and force them into making some sort of decision regarding the pre season competition.

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Freezer Burn | Red’s Appliance Repair of Alpharetta

What exactly is freezer burn and can we prevent it?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what exactly freezer burn is. And here’s why. When they say air by implication they are talking about moisture. The assumption being that when you see ice crystals on the food its from moisture getting into the food. The problem with that is, refrigeration systems are designed to remove moisture. Your freezer is actually a very dry place.


Red’s Appliance Repair of Alpharetta use freezer bags made of plastic to store food in their freezer. In fact, if you take something out of the freezer and try to thaw it out, you’ll put it in hot water to try and accelerate the thawing process. But does the bag fill up with water? Does air or moisture migrate into the bag? The fact is air can’t pass through a typical plastic bag. Otherwise we wouldn’t need warning labels on plastic bags that say keep away from children, this is not a toy.

Frozen food manufacturers go to great lengths to displace any air or moisture inside the plastic bag where they put the food. In fact, in the packaging process at the very end of the line, just before the bag is sealed, a shot of dry food grade nitrogen is shot into the bag to displace any air and the bag is sealed. And even that does not prevent freezer burn. Take a look at the picture of some frozen food that was in my freezer for an extended length of time. The bag was never opened and even though the bag is still full of dry nitrogen, you can see extensive freezer burn has taken place.

Okay if moisture and air cannot penetrate the plastic, and in a lot of cases the bags are full of dry nitrogen displacing any air, what exactly is freezer burn? Well when you take a piece of food out of your freezer it feels to your hand like a solid. But in reality that food has a lot of molecular motion going on inside. In fact the molecules will continue to vibrate and move around unless they are cooled to a temperature of -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is impossible especially inside a freezer where the normal operating temperature is zero to minus ten.

Well those molecules continue to vibrate and move around inside the food and eventually they will migrate to the surface. And if there is space between the plastic storage container and the food, those moisture molecules will leave the food, go up on top, and form ice crystals. And what they have left behind is a food that is dry. What we refer to as freezer burn.

Okay so the question is can you stop freezer burn? And the simple answer is no, you can not. But there are things you can do to mitigate the sublimation process so that your food lasts longer in the freezer and does not dry out so much. One of the things that you can do is use a vacuum type system. I use the Food Saver system to seal the food in an airtight environment evacuating the air eliminating the space between the food and the plastic. This way when the moisture in the food migrates to the surface the plastic holds it in place. And if you don’t have a vacuum type system, once you put the food into a Ziplock type storage bag then you can use a straw to suck the air out and get as much of the plastic bag in contact with the food as possible.

Finding hormone specialist Charlotte NC

The medical world was shocked when a major clinical study involving over 16,000 women came to a halt after five years because of the risks of heart disease, breast cancer, strokes, and blood clots found to occur. The study was intended to continue until 2005, but on May 31, 2002, the decision to end the study was decided by an expert panel. There were 6 million American women taking hormone replacement therapy at the time the study was released.


Hormone replacement therapy from hormone specialist Charlotte NC | SpartanMedicalAssociates had been a common prescription for women who had not had a hysterectomy to take when reaching menopause for decades, and the results of the study came as such a surprise to medical experts many doctors did not know what to tell their patients and they removed their phones from the hook when their phone lines became flooded with concerned women.

The nation’s largest study involving 16,000 women has come to an abrupt end prior to its intended 2005 finish date when new data showed hormone replacement therapy, the use of estrogen and progestin, increases the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. The trial was the first and only large study comparing the effects of hormone replacement therapy with placebos in healthy women. The Women’s Health Initiative study results were released early because of the impact of the results that could affect the six million American women on hormone replacement therapy.

Up until the results of the study were released, medical authorities were telling doctors to encourage almost every single woman that had not had a hysterectomy to start taking hormone replacement therapy when reaching menopause. The estrogen-progestin combination had been a common prescription for decades leaving many questioning how it took so long for long-term hormone replacement therapy side effects to be discovered.