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Dentist Mokena IL -This is a wonderful time to practice cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic procedures, in general, have gained mass acceptance recently due to shows such as “Extreme Makeover” and the “The Swan.” No longer is cosmetic surgery viewed as just for the rich and famous. But even the best facelift, liposuction job or hair transplant won’t mask a mouthful of misshapen, stained, or missing teeth.

How do cosmetic dentists, in short, make people want to come to them? Shifting patients’ perceptions begins by taking a hard, honest look at ourselves, our support staff and our offices–and the image each portrays. To evaluate the message being sent to patients, consider the following: * Perceptions begin the moment the patient walks in the door. What kind of an ambiance does the waiting room create? Is it typical of so many dentists’ offices–cold and sterile, conjuring images of the “drill and fill” mentality? Or is it warm and inviting?


Cosmetic dentists need to take their cue from other sectors of the cosmetic medical industry such as plastic surgeons, who take great care to create a spa-like atmosphere where patients feel pampered, not intimidated. What happens when patients check in at the front desk? Are patients merely given a standard medical and dental history form? If so, consider taking it a step further. Offer patients a “smile analysis” form with questions about how happy they are with various aspects of their smile and what they would like to change. This gives cosmetic dentists a good idea about where the patient’s thought process is with regard to cosmetic dentistry, while at the same time positioning the practitioner, in the eyes of the patient, as a cosmetic dentist rather than a general dentist.

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A divorce or child custody dispute can be a painful experience, but it can also be an opportunity to make a fresh start and build toward a better future. A family law attorney who provides you with personal attention can play an important role in helping you seek a positive resolution.

I’m Jennifer Barnett, a solo practice lawyer dedicated exclusively to providing compassionate family law advice and representation. Based in Richardson, Texas, I represent clients in Collin, Dallas and Denton counties. To schedule a free 45-minute consultation, contact me today.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Important Family Law Case

Family law is a sensitive area of law touching on some of the most personal issues in people’s lives. My practice is entirely focused on family law. Divorce lawyer represent clients in divorce cases, suits affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCRs) and family law enforcement cases.

I believe in giving clients honest advice about their options. I will never encourage you to take actions that are not your interests just to run up my legal fees.

I have the trial experience to aggressively represent you in court if necessary, but I will always look for opportunities to resolve issues through mediation or collaboration when appropriate.